Academic Excellence:

Toppers of the year 2004-2005 




Toppers of the year 2005-2006

I    Jolly K.B.             - 88.29%

II   Ravi Kumar J       - 88.14%

III Shruthi Kotian      - 87.93% 

Toppers of the year 2006-2007

I    Anitha Sinde        - 88.43%

II   Aakshi Kapoor     - 87.71%

III Suma T               - 87.57%

Toppers of the year 2007-2008

I    Antony Amaladoss  -88.93%

II  Annapurna A          -88.71%

III Bhargavi P             -88.21%

Toppers of the year 2008-2009

I    Tania Chanda       -90.14%

II   Pinky Kumari        -89.79%

III Presy Paul             -89.29%


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Teaching Staff
Highly qualified, committed and competent staff are the strength of any institution.
Our institution satisfies this requirement to the maximum. You can experience the guidance co-operation and affection of student friendly teachers of our institution.

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Institutions founded
  • M.S Ramaiah Medical College
  • M.S Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital
  • M.S Ramaiah College of Pharmacy
  • M.S Ramaiah Institute of nursing Education and Research
  • M.S Ramaiah Drugs and Allied Products testing Laboratories

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